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AC Repair Brandon

Welcome to Brandon, Florida and AC Repair Brandon by A/C Repairs Inc.

AC Repair Brandon

Brandon is approximately 13 miles east of Tampa and a 26 minute drive via E/Selmon Expressway (Toll). It is a densely populated middle class community with the median income just under $60,000. The median home value is approximately $156,000. The summers are long, hot and humid. With summer temperatures routinely in the low 90s during the day and upper 70s at night, air conditioning is not optional. Here’s a snapshot of the average temperatures throughout the year in Brandon.

Brandon Florida yearly weather snapshot

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Brandon air conditioning before replacement

Brandon air conditioning after replacement

In the Brandon area, the heat and humidity begins building in May with highs reaching into the 90s. Things don’t start cooling down until November. Winters are mild with the occasional dip into the 40’s. January is the coldest month on average, followed by February. In order to keep your home cool through the long hot summer and warm during the occasional winter cold front requires keeping your air conditioning and heating system in tip top shape. Follow our HVAC maintenance tips to keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency. Here’s a simple monthly HVAC maintenance schedule to keep your HVAC system humming along in peak condition.


Monthly HVAC Maintenance Schedule

MonthHVAC MaintenanceAverage LowAverage High
JanuaryChange filter4972
FebruaryChange filter5276
MarchChange filter5580
AprilChange filter
Clean Evaporator Coils
Clean Condenser Coils
MayChange filter6690
JuneChange filter7092
JulyChange filter7492
AugustChange filter7493
SeptemberChange filter7391
OctoberChange filter6585
NovemberChange filter
Clean Evaporator Coils
Clean Condenser Coils
DecemberChange filter5375
Download PDF print versionHVAC Maintenanceweather source: NOAA

Change your air conditioning filter every month when the system is active.

The single most important HVAC maintenance task is to change your ac filter every month!
The ac filter works to keep airborne particles from accumulating on the evaporator coils. When these coils become covered with dust, they are restricted from absorbing heat from the surrounding air being circulated by the blower. The blower and evaporator coils are located in or near the air handling unit located inside your home. Now you may be tempted to purchase one of the pleated type filters from your local home building store, thinking they will remove more of the pollutants from the inside air. While this may be true, the problem with many of these pleated air filters is that they restrict air flow to the fan coils, thus reducing the ability of your air handler to operate efficiently. This problem is compounded as the filter accumulates more and more dust particles. Add to that, the failure to regularly change the filter and the result can be not just poor air conditioning performance but serious damage to your HVAC system.

Did you know?

Did you know that the average life expectancy for a new hvac system is 15 to 20 years but environmental and maintenance factors can have a big effect on this time span. In our coastal sub-tropical climate here in Tampa Bay, salt air combined with a long cooling season can shorten the life of an hvac system. Similar to how the miles add up on your car, these extended hours of operation add up on your hvac system. A well maintained car will last longer and so will a well maintained hvac system. If your air conditioning system has reached the 10 year mark and is requiring repeated repairs, it may be time to consider replacing with a newer more efficient air conditioning system.

At A/C Repairs Inc., we offer free quotes on new or replacement hvac systems. Not sure whether to repair or replace? We offer free second opinions and often times a simple inexpensive repair may end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Brandon fan coil replacement before

Brandon fan coil replacement after

Need affordable air conditioning repair in Brandon?

We deliver prompt, courteous and expert AC repair service to all our customers in Brandon. We’ve built our reputation on straight talk, no fluff pricing and exceptional customer service. We show up when we say we will and you can be confident there will be no hidden charges, mystery fees or bait and switch. We simply deliver great repair service for all your air conditioning and heating needs.

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They did a first rate job on installing a heat pump and all existing duct work. They were on time and professional in their appearance and work ethic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a quality Ac company.

James Blanton

Brandon, Florida

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If you live in Brandon and are considering a new air conditioning system installation or replacement, why not call AC Repairs Inc for a second opinion. We price our heating and air conditioning systems to be very competitive and we provide honest second opinions even if you choose to go with another HVAC vendor. It pays to compare and you’ll be confident knowing you did your due diligence when choosing the appropriate HVAC system for your home.

We carry a complete line of advanced Tempstar HVAC systems and have just the right heating and cooling system for any budget. Tempstar HVAC Systems Whether it’s the high-efficiency, whisper quiet Deluxe Series heat pumps, the budget friendly and hard working Performance Series air conditioners or the popular QuietComfort Series heat pumps, we’ll pair your needs with just the right matched system to ensure years of warm memories and lasting cool comfort.

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REME HALO® In-duct Air Purifier

We offer advanced mold, pollen and dander filtration to always ensure fresh, clean and healthy air. The Guardian Air filtration system is a low energy, non-chemical and enviro-friendly green product. Unlike air cleaning systems that require the air pollutants to travel to the air handler, the Guardian REME technology seeks out these pollutants in the air and on surfaces

AC Repairs Tampa is a smoke free workplace

We take your family’s health seriously, that’s why we’re a non-smoking company. So when we arrive to address your HVAC repair or installation, you don’t need to be concerned about our technicians adding to the pollutants in your home.

Brandon, Florida

For ac repair Brandon, call 813-909-0809

Population: 103,483 (2010 census)

Please note that we do not service areas east or south of the designated map boundaries.

Area code: 813

Main roadways:
east/west: Brandon Blvd.
north/south: Interstate 75



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Providence Run Blvd / Wakefield Dr

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Compton St / Providence Lakes Blvd

Grand Isle Dr / Rivage Cir

W Brandon Blvd / Providence Rd

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