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AC Repair Hillsborough

AC Repair Hillsborough

Affordable Air Conditioning Installation and Repair for Hillsborough County, Florida




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Looking for affordable AC Repair, Service and Installation in Hillsborough county?

We provide air conditioning repair service as well as new air conditioning system installation for the following Hillsborough county, Florida areas.

Before and after ac replacement in Tampa Palms, Hillsborough County.

before and after ac replacement in Tampa, Palms, Hillsborough County

5 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Air Conditioning

  1. Check your duct work BEFORE the heat sets in.
    1. Check for leaks at junction and termination points.
    2. If the duct work is flexible rather than rigid, make sure the ductwork is stretched tight in as straight a line as possible with no sagging. Also make sure hangers are not compressing the duct and restricting air flow.
  2. Use blinds, curtains or tinted window film to prevent or reduce sunlight penetration.
    1. Especially focus on those windows that receive the most afternoon sun.
    2. Consider window awnings to reduce direct sunlight on exposed windows and doors
  3. Use ceiling or house fans. Ceiling fans won’t lower the actual temperature but when used in an occupied space, will make it “feel” cooler, allowing the thermostat to be set higher.
  4. Reduce indoor sources of heat. Refrain from using the stove or oven and instead, use an outdoor grill.
    1. Use your exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom to remove built-up heat.
    2. Use your dryer at a time of day when the outside temperature is reduced (e.g. late night or early morning)
  5. Use a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature setting when you’re away from the house or sleeping.

Tampa Palms: Before and after ac replacement

Tampa Palms ac replacement

Affordable AC Repair Hillsborough County

We also serve Pasco and Pinellas counties.

You can find out more about Hillsborough county by visiting their website.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air quality, we take it seriously. We’re a non-smoking company. So when we arrive to address your HVAC problems or needs, you don’t need to be concerned about AC Repairs Inc is a smoke free workplaceour technicians polluting your home. We take your family’s health seriously and we can also handle any mold issues you may be experiencing.

We have decades of experience right here in the Tampa Bay area. We’ve dealt with all types of clean air challenges and can provide expert advice on prevention and mitigation, assuring your family will sleep easy knowing their home is protected by our advanced air conditioning, heating and filtration systems.

We sell and install the RGF Environmental award winning line of air purifiers featuring REME® and PHI-cell® technology. Call 813-909-0809 for details and you can find further information on our Mold Control page.

We deliver prompt, courteous and expert AC repair service to all our customers in Hillsborough county.
Call now for your AC service and repair A/C Repairs Inc.
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Should you repair or replace?

To repair or replace is not an easy question, unless you’ve been evaluating HVAC systems for over 40 years, like AC Repairs Inc. Call us and we’ll give you our expert opinion on the replacement cost for a new air conditioning system. We’ve been evaluating air conditioners, heat pumps and complete HVAC systems in the Tampa Bay area and Pinellas county for decades. We’ve built our business on our reputation for honesty and affordability. So don’t stress, just call us and we will put your mind at ease knowing you’ll be making that decision based on proven expert advice. Call us now at 813-909-0809 and we’ll give you a free honest quote on a new or replacement air conditioner, heat pump or heating system.

Odessa A/C Replacement: Before – After

Odessa, Florida before and after pictures

Considering a new HVAC System installation?

Need an honest second opinion?

If you live in Hillsborough county and are considering making a major investment in a new HVAC System, why not call AC Repairs Inc. for a second opinion. We price our heating and air conditioning products and services to be very competitive and we provide honest second opinions even if you choose to go with another vendor. It pays to compare and you’ll be confident knowing you did your due diligence when choosing the appropriate HVAC system for your home.

Northdale A/C Replacement: Before – After

Before-After Northdale, Florida

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Westchase A/C Replacement: Before – After

Westchase ac replacement - before and after