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7 Steps to a Clean Air Conditioning Condenser

The Affordable AC Repair SolutionHow to clean your air conditioning condenser, step by step 1. Turn off all power to the condenser. 2. Remove the fan cage surrounding the coils. 3. Vacuum any debris inside and around your compressor and coils. 4. Use your garden hose...

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HVAC Systems

Split · Mini-Split · Hybrid · Packaged · Geothermal Split-System Outside: compressor/condenser Inside: air handler Ductwork: yes Mini-Split System Outside: compressor/condenser Inside: air handler(s) Ductwork: no Packaged System...

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HVAC Maintenance 101

The Affordable AC Repair SolutionHVAC Maintenance Checklist Change air filter (1x / month) Clean evaporator coils (2x / year) Clean condenser coils (2x / year) Check condenser air flow clearance (1x / month) Check/clear condensate drains (2x / year) Inspect ductwork...

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