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Ion™ SYST0101CW

Ion™ System control SYST0101CW

with Wi-Fi® Capability

Home Comfort on the Go

Comfort at your fingertips. Wherever, whenever. Tempstar Ion™ and A/C Repairs Inc. have you covered.

No need to rush home because you forgot to set the thermostat. With the Ion™ System control SYST0101CW and remote access, you can make any temperature adjustments on the go, knowing the environment will be just right when you arrive. So relax and take the long way home.

Ion™ System control SYST0101CW

Ion™ System control SYST0101CW


Advanced touchscreen technology
Remote access with Wi-Fi® capability*
High resolution, smartphone-like touchscreen
Two stage compatible
Capable of controlling temperatures and fan speeds in up to eight zones
Local weather 5-day forecast
System maintenance reminders
Dual fuel system management capable
Real-time energy use tracking
7-day temperature control throughout the day and week
Add Smart Recovery for comfort and economy
Advanced smart setback for optimal energy savings during "away" and ramp up periods
Four levels of "constant ON" fan speeds
Auto changeover between heating and cooling
Humidity control for enhanced comfort
One-button Touch-N-Go® quick-settings-change feature
Humidity control
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